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Why should I use this app?

This app makes it easier for me to manage my financial transactions:

  • Receive all my payment requests in one place
  • Easy to pay mobile, no hassle with card readers
  • Track status of the requests (almost due, overdue, …), so I know exactly when to pay my invoices.
  • I get notified when a new payment request comes in, I can see in 1 glance if I have new requests, amount to pay, due dates, …
  • It offers extra functionalities like the possibility to filter on sender

Is itspaid free?

Yes, the app is free for all users. To login, you need to authenticate through itsme (also free app)

How does itspaid work?

Your payment requests, invoices and other documents are usually sent to different addresses. You can see them all in one place in your app.

For each address you add, the documents will be available in the app. An address can be: an e-mail address, your mobile phone number or even your bank account number. You can add several e-mail addresses, mobile numbers, bank account numbers ... If you register multiple bank accounts, you will receive more payment requests and invoices in your app.

Why do I need itsme to log in?

Access is protected through your itsme identity. itsme authentication guarantees that only you get access to your personal itspaid account. If you don't have itsme installed yet, we'll guide you through the process. Good to know: you can also use itsme to login to the online applications of the Belgian government!

In which language is itspaid available?

Itspaid is available in Dutch, English and French.


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